10 Amazing Hairstyles To Party All Night

You are going on a party and you need to look pretty, the hairstyle counts a lot. Lately, a wave of different and unique hairstyles has taken over the fashion trends. Parties are all about looking good, from shoes to outfits and jewelry to hairstyles, everything has to be perfect. Especially for girls, looking unique and standing apart from the rest has been a goal for ages. Is it psychological, maybe, but it does matter to most and it drives the fashion industry.

There has been an innovation in hairstyles for decades where one can tell what period a hairstyle originated.  Amazing, right! However, us day to day girls don’t have time to get all fancy and some of us simply lack the skill set.

Here are some of the hairstyles that are in and work well for a night out.



Some girls are very trendy like the lovely Kim Kardashian West. They look beautiful when they go out with a simpler and cleaner look. This hairstyle is a ponytail with a high bump in the front to complete this amazingly simply but sleek look. It is a party-going hairstyle and easy to try.

Loose curls


Loose curls are a go to for various celebrities. People, particularly fans, start to want to find an easy way to pull off this look. The loose curls are easy and look very classy. This can even be done overnight as you sleep and ready for the long day and night ahead.

Rough bun


Rough buns are super fun to do and easy with third day hair.  This style is a must before going to party especially during a summer night. This look will have people thinking you spent hours when all you did was add a hair tie and a few pins to hold the bun in place. Go from smart and classy to party girl with a nice black dress.

Floral accessories and waves


This effortless look is a super-fast transformation.  Already had a half ponytail or a small bump with loose wave then add floral accessory and you are done. Try having fun by adding sparkle or color paired with neat waves. This gives a very elegant look especially if it’s a dinner party. Go from drab to fab in just seconds.

Half Tied


Half tied hair looks great on its own now try pulling out some strays for a messy look. You can switch it up if you straighten your hair to keep a fresh sleek look. It can be paired with different pins or bows.

Vintage Hairstyle


Party themes are fun and easy to inspire looks but when you have no theme to work with, you can try vintage looks. It makes you look unique so you stand out in the crowd. This hairstyle looks complex but can be done with a three-pronged iron to get those classic side swept waves.

Fish Braid Bun


A fish braid done around your head with a bun is a fun way to pick up long hair. This classy but messy hairstyle makes you look cute and chic. This type of hairstyle is a must try. You can dance around and have fun without worry of your hair coming undone.

Simple & Straight


Keep it simple and straight. Sometimes the best look takes no effort at all. Keep it looking fresh with dry shampoo and add some texture hairspray for a bit of hold during your dance moves. Getting a bit hot? Flip your head over, pick up your hair for a messy top bun, and continue to rock on.

Updo Bump


The updo bump of the 90s are loved hairstyles in today’s trends. It is considered easy and fast. With a simple bump in the back and a side split in the front pulled back under the bump, you have a fun half do for any occasion.

Beach Waves


It’s a party, not Americas Got Talent. Choose this simpler and cheeky effortless beach waves look. The simpler and much loved beach waves are the best when needing a look on the go. It gives you more laid back but trendy feel. Nothing says I’m ready to party like hair that’s ready to rock.

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