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10 Ridiculous Cosplay Costumes That Will Blow You Away

Cosplay, which is short for costume play, is a way to show off your creative art. Whether you love Anime, Comic Books, and Video Games, you can create a cosplay for it and show it off during conventions or just wear it from the comfort of your home (if you’re in that type of thing).

There are a lot of amazing and talented cosplayers out there, however, these cosplay costumes did not fall in that category.

Here are the 15 most ridiculous cosplay costumes:

#1. Vegeta with Tic Tac Scanner

Just look at those paddles. This cosplay is under 9000!

#2. Pillow Hands Mega Man

mega man fail cosplay
This cosplay would have been more impressive if those jugs would’ve been filled with water.

#3. Teenage Duct Tape Ninja Turtles

Not sure if crazy bondage cosplay party or poor people.

#4. T-1000 – Terminator Cake Eater

Talk about a ridiculous cosplay. Looks like this guy made his T-1000 cosplay after eating 3 whole sponge cakes.

#5. Iron uh.. Paper Man

Construction Paper? A bow ribbon as a Repulsor Blaster? Grey Clouds? A recipe for disaster and a sad sad cosplay.


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