5 Dad Videos That Will Leave You In Awe!

Being a dad is a wonderful feeling and if you take into consideration all the emergency scares, irregular sleeping patterns, diaper calls and don’t-know-why crying sessions, it is also a painful one. Here are 5 videos by a new Dad showing the everyday struggle of being a Daddy.

The Morning Hustle

Dad: I have 15 mins!

Kid: Challenge accepted *smiles sarcastically*

Watch this video and enjoy all the cute shenanigans this little kid brings upon his dad every morning. The surprising part is, the kids do it like routine as if Satan pays them with candy for it!

Build a Throne for Your Kid

Not the “Game of Thrones” throne but a simple throne; although most of the dads won’t mind trying out the “Game of Thrones” setup, just build the damned throne and let your kind rule the garden and you (and worms and insects).

Teach Life Lessons

The next video shows you everything that you should teach your kid before sending him to the jungle to spend the rest of his life. Fishing, hunting, building, repairing cars for a living, running without shoes after stealing, running with shoes that you have bought from stolen money and finally the CANNON BALL!

How to Put a Baby to Sleep

This should be the video of the month or maybe of the year. The dad here teaches all the things that can trick your baby into sleeping and ultimately let you sleep peacefully. Plus it’s hilarious how he hypnotizes the kid into being a mass murderer and takes over the city. Amazing stuff!

Making Them Eat

This is the worst part of owning a baby. ‘Owning is a wrong word?’ When your baby is so naughty that he can trick you into thinking he is your dad and not you, owning is the correct word. Leave my vocabulary alone and focus on the video; you need the tricks, right? Plus the video is cute!

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