5 Reasons Why You Should Vote Donald Trump for President

Make America Bad Ass Again

1. Donald Trump Don’t Give A F*ck

Trump definitely has “No Chill”. If you don’t understand the lingo, you may want to head on over to Urban Dictionary and check out the definition there. So now tell me, do you want a President who beats around the bush and lives on political correct island? Or do you want a President who would boot all you non-visa having self and your crying ass babies outta here? Yup, I’ll pick the latter.

2. Do You Smell What The Trump Is Cooking?

You don’t get too many chances to beat up another billionaire and then proceed to shave that billionaire’s head bald. Well, Mr. Trump did get that chance and he sure took pleasure in doing so. Trump participated in a WWE match and made a bet with Vince McMahon. Terms: They each pick a wrestler to compete for them. Loser has to get his head shaved by winner.

Check out the video below in all its glory.

3. Donald Trump Is A Super Star

There has only been one President with a star in Hollywood, and that’s Ronald Reagan. Vote for Trump and you can shove that statistic right down Hillary’s throat. America, we’re talking about the freakin’ Hollywood Walk of Fame here. We might as well start referring Donald Trump as Reagan Jr., I mean he is running the same campaign motto: Make America Great Again!

Now look at the elegance, just look at it.


4. He Has His Own Board Game

Can you think of any presidential candidate that has had a board game? I bet you couldn’t think of any and that’s because there isn’t. Only the great Donald Trump can take that claim. What better way to spend time with the family then to sit down and play a game of Trump. You can buy real estate, sell off your failing casinos, file bankruptcy, and even run for president. Just take my money now!


5. He will bomb the shit out of ISIS

Other candidates will give you a boring speech about health policies or foreign peace talk. Not Trump. He doesn’t have time for all that unimportant stuff. Mr. Trump gets to the point. You mess with America, and we’ll drop bombs on your ass. And that’s bomb with a capital ATOM. Oh, and we’ll snatch your oil rigs while we’re at it, ’cuz we could that do… #YOLO.


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