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    10 Great Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

    mother's day gift ideas

    Mother’s day is a special day for all parents but it can be a frustrating time as you try and find the perfect gift that says “I Love You”. So let us all band together and share a few ideas of what could be the perfect gift for Mother’s day. #1. Makeup Lover? Get mom […] More

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    Disney Quotes You Didn’t Realize Were Powerful As A Kid


    We grew up singing along to Disney classics and laughing at the antics of the silly characters like Abu from Aladdin. However, it wasn’t until we got older that we realized how powerful these story lines were. Here are twenty quotes that helped shape your childhood.   — The Emperor, (Mulan)   —Lilo, (Lilo and Stitch)   […] More

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    10 Amazing Hairstyles To Party All Night


    You are going on a party and you need to look pretty, the hairstyle counts a lot. Lately, a wave of different and unique hairstyles has taken over the fashion trends. Parties are all about looking good, from shoes to outfits and jewelry to hairstyles, everything has to be perfect. Especially for girls, looking unique […] More

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    Spice Up Your Marriage or Relationship With These 5 Useful Apps


    Being with your partner is a special relationship that grows and flourishes over time. Everything is great with your partner, especially those sexy times between the sheets. However, after you have been together for a while, the bedroom rather becomes less exciting. It’s the same routine with the same positions and the fun of it […] More

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    11 Of The Most Weirdest Looking Sea Creatures


    The sea contains unimaginable mysteries. Here we have the 11 weirdest looking sea creatures. Lionfish This colorful fish is also called Pterois and it is an extremely toxic species. Its body is covered with needle like projections that is filled with venom based on nitric oxide. Although the venom is not deadly to humans it can […] More

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    Meet The Members Of The Suicide Squad 


    So DC’s Suicide Squad movie was just released this past Friday (Aug 5th, 2016) and it has crushed the Box Office with some good numbers, despite terrible reviews via Rotten Tomatoes. But of course, critics are “critics”, and the best way to judge a movie is to go see it for yourself. With that being […] More

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    5 Dad Videos That Will Leave You In Awe!

    Being a dad is a wonderful feeling and if you take into consideration all the emergency scares, irregular sleeping patterns, diaper calls and don’t-know-why crying sessions, it is also a painful one. Here are 5 videos by a new Dad showing the everyday struggle of being a Daddy. The Morning Hustle Dad: I have 15 […] More

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote Donald Trump for President


    1. Donald Trump Don’t Give A F*ck Trump definitely has “No Chill”. If you don’t understand the lingo, you may want to head on over to Urban Dictionary and check out the definition there. So now tell me, do you want a President who beats around the bush and lives on political correct island? Or […] More

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