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Donald Trump’s Toddler Photo Re-Surfaced Online, So A Photoshop Battle Ensued

You can find all sorts of stuff on the internet, that’s a no-brainer.  Remember that time you were completely hung over and threw up all over that cop’s jacket? Yeah, that’s online. And once it’s online, it’s always online.

Mr. Donald J. Trump himself posted the photo below on his Instagram a while ago but it never got much traction. Well, not until it resurfaced on Reddit and alas, a photoshop battled followed.

Who knew this innocent kid would grow into a monster? #TBT #Trump

A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Young trump is already rubbing his hand in a mischievous manner. Perhaps thinking on a plan on how to buy other kid’s lunches and flip them for profit.

Prepare yourself..Donald Trump photos are coming:

Donald the Builder – Can We Stop Illegal Immigrants – Yes, We Can!

Redditor: BlindedByTheAbyss


He Would Probably Be All Alone In The White House Too

Redditor: Kavor


Trump The Menace – Slinging Worthless Pennies

Redditor: emperordeath1


Trump The Illegal Alien

Redditor: YachiAbunai


Toddler Trump Probably Fired His Parents

Redditor: GabrieIm


We All Knew He Was Related To Hitler

Redditor: mobtowngeorge


Because Reptilians Run The Government

Redditor: sneechesgetsteetches


Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, We Hunting Mexicans

Redditor: barneythebear23


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