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Spice Up Your Marriage or Relationship With These 5 Useful Apps

Being with your partner is a special relationship that grows and flourishes over time. Everything is great with your partner, especially those sexy times between the sheets. However, after you have been together for a while, the bedroom rather becomes less exciting. It’s the same routine with the same positions and the fun of it seems to die down. That’s where creativity comes into play and below are five apps that will help spice things up in the bedroom and in your relationship.

#1. Fruit Salad Tonight

Here is an app that will get you and your partner blushing. With levels of intensity to a range of categories from foreplay to BDSM you and your partner can bring heat into the bedroom. The app is formatted into a game that keeps score between both players and the winner gets a special ending. Just make sure you have some food, toys, and ropes ready.

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With over 195 challenges of burning questions, titillating tasks, provocative positions and racy role-plays to delve into, you’ll be screaming for Fruit Salad Tonight, every night. Sorry, neighbors.

#2. Desire - The Games for Couples


Now here is an app that will keep the fun going even when you are not in the bedroom. Both players look through a series of wishes/dares and select which gets you the most…well, hot. Each action earns you points if performed. Compete and see who wins. Earn badges, send quickies, and unlock secret categories for more.

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Desire also holds a community which auto-generates content and increase engagement in a daily base. Users share their own dares to the community.

Should he/she choose to accept its game on.

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#3. iKamasutra


Now this is pretty much self-explanatory but it has to be mentioned in this list. Its centuries old for a reason, it works. Granted a bit of flexibility is needed for some positions but hey, practice makes perfect. Learn the ancient was of how to discover each other’s bodies. You might be surprised what you’ll end up liking.

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(App Info) iKamasutra brings thousands of years of Kama Sutra experimentation into one incredibly fun and sensual app. This is not simply the book of Kama Sutra ported to the phone, it is an exciting app that lets you learn over one hundred sexual positions in 9 categories, featuring easy-to-follow explanations that have been written exclusively for iKamasutra and not available anywhere else.


#4. Mojo Upgrade


Mojo Upgrade is not available as a mobile app. It is an interactive web app and it definitely opens your eyes to the world of possibility. This website has a long questionnaire in which you answer "yes" or "no" questions. You share the link they provide you with to give to your partner and he/she will answer the same questions. In the end, they give you the results but only showing the questions in which you both agreed on. You will be surprised what each of you are willing to do or like during sex.

SITE: http://mojoupgrade.com/

Update: Mojo Upgrade changed their site, but you can still find the old layout by visiting:

NEW SITE: http://old.mojoupgrade.com/


#5. Spice

A little like Mojo Upgrade, Spice offers couples who secretly wish more variety in bed an opportunity to match their sexual fantasies. With several activities to choose from, couples are given a set of questions to answer. From soft-core to the kinkier side of things, the app will ask questions based on your gender and preferences. Once you spill the deets and so has your partner, Spice calculates and shares the result listed from "hot to spicy" to "discuss & conflict". From there each of you know how far or willing the other is in bed.


So how is this app different from Mojo Upgrade? Well one is more detailed in questions than the other but it’s up to you to find out which.



Don't be afraid to get together with your significant other and watch Porn together 😉

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11 Of The Most Weirdest Looking Sea Creatures

The sea contains unimaginable mysteries. Here we have the 11 weirdest looking sea creatures.



This colorful fish is also called Pterois and it is an extremely toxic species. Its body is covered with needle like projections that is filled with venom based on nitric oxide. Although the venom is not deadly to humans it can cause extreme amount of pain and localized swelling. Their colorful looks warn most animals to stay away, but humans are tempted to touch them for their exotic look.



Salps are marine creatures that live in cold waters, near the Antarctica. They eat plankton and reproduce at a fast pace, especially when they have an abundant food. Their fast reproduction cycle serves to help clean the ocean floors. Their fecal waste and bodies act like fertilizer for the sea bed due to the substantial amount of carbon they produce.



This little cute sea creature’s name comes from Nahuatl. Axolotl means “sea monster.” Other names for this creature are Mexican Salamander, Mexican Walking Fish or its scientific name Ambystoma Mexicanum. Unfortunately, it is close to being extinct. Its natural habitat was in Lake Chalco and Lake Xochimilco in Mexico’s Valley. Lake Chalco was drained due to Mexico City’s growth in population while Lake Xochimilco remains a small body of water. However, most axolotls today are kept in captivity.



This baby blobfish lives in the sea waters of Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania. Its body is made up of low-density flesh which in turn makes the fish seem distorted when it is out of water. Fortunately when it is swimming, it looks more like your typical fish. For its weird looks, this species has been the talk of the town. In 2013, the blobfish was voted as the “World's Ugliest Animal.” Shortly after that it was adopted by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society as a mascot.

Water Bear

water bear

Tardigrades are also known as Water Bears because they resemble bears in the way they look and  walk. Johann August Ephraim Goeze is the German zoologist who first discovered them in 1773 and gave them their peculiar name. They are extremely small and as an adult can measure up to 1.5 mm while a new water bear could be less than 0.05 mm. They are highly resistant to extreme conditions and can continue to live even near temperatures of absolute zero.

Deep Sea Dragonfish

deep-sea dragonfish

The deep sea dragonfish has served to inspire characters for many movies. There are over two hundred different species in the Stomiidae family with the barbeled dragonfish being the most well known (Just think Finding Nemo). Its main characteristic is that it produces its own light. Since they live deep in the Atlantic Ocean where light does not reach, they adapted by having light producing organs called photophores. Along with the organs the photophores are also found on the pectoral fins.

Frilled Shark


The Frilled shark was first discovered in the 19th century. However due to its low reproductive rate and the expansion of fisherman, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed it as near threatened. This shark was named after its gills and it contains twenty five rows of backwards facing teeth. That's three hundred teeth in total.

Smooth Stingray


The Smooth Stingray is also known as short-tail stingray. This sea creature might seem friendly but you don’t want to see it get mad. Its tail is its most deadly weapon. They are not violent by nature and only use their tail as self-defense from sharks or other predators. The smooth stingray can grow as big as 4.25 meters(14 ft) and can weigh up to 340 kilos.



Globefish’s official name is Tetraodontidae. The spikey profile of this exotic fish has also given him a long list of names like balloonfish, swellfish, pufferfish, bubble fish, blowfish, puffer, globefish, toadfish, sea squab, honey toad, toadie, and sugar toad. Their skin has tetrodotoxin which is extremely toxic. Nevertheless, they are used as a meal in Japan by specially trained chefs and even then you can experience a slight numbing as you eat the flesh.

Dumbo Octopus


Other names for the Dumbo Octopus are Dumbo octopod or just Dumbo. Their scientific name is Grimpoteuthis and they live in deep waters. The Dumbo octopus has a prominent ear-like fins on either side of its head. while some can look short and yellow, others can look like jellyfish with one big brown walking shoe. While all have suckers on their webbed arms some have spines as well. The average lifespan of dumbo octopus is between 3 and 5 years.

Vampire Squid


The vampire squid is also known by its scientific name Vampyroteuthis infernalis. It looks like a mix of a squid and octopus and was first classified as octopus when discovered in 1903. Because the long arms are connected by thin flesh, it creates a cape like appearance. They can vary in color from jet-black to a pale red depending on lighting conditions. The arms have suckers that are hard to see unless you look in the right place. The suckers can only be found on the arms farthest from the body while the others have spines. Like the dragonfish, the vampire squid is also covered in photophores creating flashes of light. It doesn’t have ink to shoot out when it feels it is being threatened. Instead this type of squid offers a type of mucus that shoots out. Yuck!