6 Astonishing Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed Every Night

A recent poll performed by the APPA shown that almost half of all dog owners allow their dogs to sleep at night with them. The survey found that 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium-sized dogs and 32% of large dogs sleep with their owners.Certainly it’s a practice that is common, but can it be healthier for your puppy as well as you personally? 
Here are 6 amazing reasons to give your adorable four legged pal a chance to share your bed at night.

1. They Help With Insomnia


“She sleeps against me and she has very rhythmic breathing and it just puts me out,” Hunziker tells WebMD. “I have insomnia, my whole family does, and we all sleep with dogs. She puts me to sleep better than an Ambien.”


2. Dogs Make You Feel Safe At Night

dog in bed guarding owner

According to Lisa Shives, M.D., medical director of Northshore Sleep Medicine: “There are all kinds of medical benefits to having a pet. And some people might feel safer or calmer with a dog in their bed.”


3. Dogs Increase Our Love Hormone ❤️

cute dog sleeping under cover

Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone or cuddle chemical” has an anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) effect and may increase romantic attachment and empathy. This neuropeptide exerts multiple psychological effects, influencing social behavior and emotion (src).So cuddle up with those cute puppies.

4. They Will Be Happier And Better Adjusted

happy dog jumping on bed

A dog who sleeps in your bedroom will be happier and better adjusted. Dogs are social animals; they need their pack. It’s cruel to make them sleep away from you.


5. Helps To Encourage Bonding And Settling In

cute dog sleeping in bed

The Monks of New Skete promote having the dog sleep in the same room with you as a way of encouraging bonding. The dog has a long unbroken stretch of exposure to your scent over the course of each night- that level of scent exposure is often hard to achieve during daytime hours, but it can really help a new dog settle in.

6. No Blanket, No Problem. Snuggle Up

dog sleep bed snuggling

Dogs give our heat naturally. So on those shivering winter nights, how best then to spend it cuddled up with your adorable warm and fluffy dog. A real life Pillow Pet!


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