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Top 10 Makeup Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know

We all know that makeup is a blessing but certain situations seem to be inevitable, but have no fear, the makeup guru is here with a few makeup tips and tricks to make your life easier.

#1. Dried Gel Liners or Pomades

makeup tips dried gel liner

Have you ever wasted money throwing away dried out pots of gel liner or pomades? So have I, until I found out a neat hack to keep them fresh. While using them, turn the pots upside down on the counter so it’s not exposed to air. Once you are done close it and store in a dark place.

#2. Not Enough Pigment On Your Eye Shadow?

makeup tips eyeshadow pigment

Ever buy an eye shadow and it’s not as pigmented as you thought, try one of two things. Apply a white base on the lid then the shadow or spray some setting spray on your brush then dip into your shadow and BAM!, intense color.

#3. Dried Lips

makeup tips brush lips exfoliate

Okay, so we all get chapped lips and it’s usually due to dehydration. Ever tried applying makeup over chapped lips? Ewwww. Instead, when you wake-up and finish brushing your teeth, clean your toothbrush and give your lips a nice scrub. You will have exfoliated soft lips and you get the added bonus of plumped lips due to the increase of blood circulation.

#4. How to Achieve Flawless Foundation

makeup tips how to apply foundation

Many can say it’s all in the applicator you use. I say it’s all on how your skin is before application. Instead of spending ridiculous amount of money on new trendy brushes, although they are great, try treating your skin first. Twenty minutes before you apply makeup gently exfoliate/cleanse your skin and finish with a cold water rinse (or dip a face towel in cold water and rest it on the face). Then apply a hydrating moisturizer and let it soak in. This will allow an even and flawless foundation application.

#5. Applying Make Up On Dry Skin

makeup tips for dry skin

Have you ever fallen in love with a foundation but it’s too drying for your skin? Try mixing it with a hydrating oil, like a Maracuja oil, or mix in your favorite moisturizer. Then set it with a hydrating spray. Viola!

#6. Make Your Small Lips Look Fuller


Okay, so of course if you have small lips you consider (but never out loud) getting lip injections. It’s easier, right? Wrong, its high maintenance but if you want it then by-all-means. However, try the art of over-lining them. WHAT??? Yes, I know what I said but there is a way without them looking obvious and fake. Start by lining your actual lips starting from the corners of the mouth out. As you get closer to the center and eventually the cupid bow, you will slowly begin to go about the lip. Follow up with the corresponding lipstick and then with a contour and highlight. Use the contour shadow under the center of the bottom lip and the highlight on the cupids bow.

Another tip is lining the lips normally and creating an Ombre effect leaving the lightest shade in the center.

#7. How To Fix Broken Eye Shadows


Oops! There goes your compact to the floor. Let’s say a prayer….umm NO. Let’s fix it instead. Gather up as much of the shadow as you can back into a Ziploc. Mash it up real good until its fine powder. Next, gently pour it back in the pan and add a bit of rubber alcohol at a time. You should put enough that it allows you to smooth out and press the powder down. Leave it open to air dry. Viola, it’s good as new. The consistency remains the same and you have a perfect shadow again.

#8. Repair A Broken Lipstick


Well, this is a shame. Thirty bucks on a lipstick and Bam! it breaks. No problem. Turn the lipstick all the way up until the broken part is half exposed. Grab a spoon, warm it up, and gently place on the lipstick to slighty soften it and quickly place the broken piece on top. Next, smooth out the edges to seal it together and leave the lipstick in the freezer a few hours. Once it hardens, it’s back to brand new.

#9. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lipstick


Grab a knife or a toothpick, or anything small enough to scoop. Then get to digging. Most lipsticks still have a good amount in the tube after you think it’s done but you cant get to it because the plastic holding the lipstick prevents you from turning it up. So you must dig it out. Get yourself a pot of a potting tray and scoop out all the goodies left in the tub and place it on a spoon. Then with a lighter or flame heat up the spoon until it melts and place it in the pot or tray. Once done stick them in the freezer until they set. Now you just got your money’s worth.

#10. No More Mascara?


Did you just run out of mascara or suddenly realize it dried out? Then go in your cabinet and pull out the Vaseline. Not only is it a great substitute for mascara, it’s also healthier and safer on your lashes and it gives great shine, length and a darkening effect. No one will ever know. Now if your mascara dried out then it could possibly be because you are pumping the wand. Please don’t, your trapping air bubbles in the tube, which dries out the product.

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