These TV Commercial Ads Are So Hilarious & Awkward, You’ll Laugh Right Off Your Chair!

If you’re not on a chair, you better find one.

Puppy Monkey Baby

After not advertising in a Super Bowl for 15 years, Mountain Dew released this commercial ad for Super Bowl 50 in 2016. Extremely awkward but a sure hit.

Skittles’ – Rainbow Facial Commercial (Not Aired)

This commercial (Spec Ad) done by Team Cousins is definitely a NSFW commercial that did not air on TV but is a viral hit on YouTube.

Panda Cheese – Never Say No To Panda (Compilation Ads)

Just try the cheese! This commercial, which features a giant panda who terrorizes people for not wanting to try the cheese is funny as hell. Panda Cheese is manufactured by Arab Daily.

Pop Rocks – Teacher Persuasion Commercial

This commercial features a student who gets an F by her teacher. What better way to change that grade? By offering a little bit of teacher persuasion with an added “pop rock” effect. NOTE: Not a real commercial.

Nutri-Grain Commercial – Feel Great!

Excuse the potato quality but this one is a classic. Nutri-Grain wanted to show how great it feels to eat one of their nutrition bars. Makes you want to have babies everywhere!

Carl’s Jr Big Sausage Breakfast Commercial (Spoof)

This ad is a spoof of Carl’s Jr “Too Hot For TV” ad. It was listed as a Superbowl banned ad and it went viral on YouTube. Created by Ben & Scott.

Starburst – The Little Lad Who Loves Berries & Cream

This Starburst commercials feature a little lad in a Victorian dress like outfit. Here’s what the little lad is up to now: Jack Ferver.

Old Spice –  ALL Odor Blocker Commercials with Terry Crews

Old Spice is known for their awkward commercials but the “Odor Blocker” series are the best ones. We included ALL of them. Enjoy!

Summer’s Eve – Hail To The “V” Commercial

“Men have fought for it, battled for it, even died for it.” Embrace the pussy power!

Denny’s Nannerpuss Commercial

Denny’s wanted to promote their “serious” breakfast with this’s too bad Nannerpuss isn’t part of their menu. I just hope that Nannerpuss was able to find his right eye.

Doritos “Beer” Flavor Superbowl XLIII Commercial

This commercial aired during the Superbowl XLIII pre-game and only costs $15 to make. Created by the comedian Pete Holmes and his team.

2010 Big Rock Brewery Commercial

Contrary to the YouTube title below, this wasn’t a rejected Superbowl ad for 2016. This was a commercial made for the Eddies Awards by Big Rock Brewery (Silver Award Winner).

Big Shake Commercial

Because no one can pelvic thrust better than Haitians….this commercial is just awkward and disturbing. And we like it!

Smart Beep – Blind Date Commercial

This commercial was highly innocent, however it did not make it on air. FYI, the FCC were a bunch of soft dicks back in the days. Enjoy the beeper nostalgia.


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